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Twin City Security is proud to be a leading contract security service in Denver, Colorado. Since 1988, we provided quality security programs and qualified personnel to meet the needs of each of our clients. Twin City Security provides public and private contract security solutions for events and local clients in the area. All of our security officers are licensed and bonded and readily prepared to assist you with security needs.

Service Highlights:

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  • 24-Hour Operation Dispatch Center
  • Security Solutions Technology
  • Emergency Preparation Plans
  • Follow Code of Ethics- Safety First
  • Professional, Clean-cut attire.

* Airports * Schools * Hotels (4 or 5 Star) * Hospitals * Property * Mall Security * Retail Security * Commercial Buildings * Public Events * Government Buildings * Entertainers * University Campus *

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Twin City Security is committed to a promise to patrol and protect, period. Our armed guards have contingency plans in place to handle emergency situations and follow state guidelines to make sure our clients remain safe and protected. Experienced personnel are on duty 24/7 at our dispatch center to carefully monitor surveillance our secured areas.

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